Its good to see you are still here!

Just a brief explanation of how we sell our kits.

In the following pages we will show pictures of our kits that have been built ,and also flown, it will also show the dimensions of the kits specís. It will  show a Price for the complete kit. We know that some of you will have your own balsa supply and donít need sticks and sheeting So we will list the price with out the sticks and sheeting and will call it a Short Kit.... The price will be $70.00 less than the complete Kit.

Most of our kits pictured will have Fiberglass Cowls ,They also have a clear canopy. and if they had them we will include Molded exhaust stacks. Last but not least a complete set of Plans to work from .

Also included are all the bumps and blisters, You know what they are all the bulges etc. that take for ever to make.

The chances are we will have cockpit kits to fit the plane you choose if you purchase it when you purchase the kit we will take $10.00 of the listed price of the cock pit kit . Also we will take

10% any accessories you buy at the time you purchase the kit!

Be sure to check our accessories Page before you order youíll save a little cash!

Just remember all kits are special order with No cash refunds!

All formers and bulkheads are laser cut  making the job of building a pleasure. If you need some thing special cut for any project just contact us ,chances are good we can get it for you !!

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